Mega Moisturiser Review

I’ve decided to create an ongoing moisturiser review so that you can see some honest reviews of products before you buy them! I’ve been lucky that some of the more expensive moisturisers I will be reviewing were actually samples from work or from the beauty sample sale. This mega review will cover a broad range of moisturisers  – from Boots own to SK-II so that there’s something in here for everyone. Why pay more if something cheaper works just as well eh? Expect regular additions to this page!

1.Clinique Moisture Surge.  There’s not too much to say about this but FINALLY! Finally there’s a great facial moisturiser that isn’t too oily and doesn’t require masses to have an effect. Only a tiny bit of this need be applied after cleansing to achieve a plump, dewy feel to your face. It gives a great base to put your foundation on too. This stuff is great permitting you’re not too heavy handed with it, and is also a very reasonable cost given how long it lasts for. Cost – £32 for 50ml.

Clinique Moisture Surge.

2. Boots Evening Primrose Moisturising Cream   Boots ‘Oil Of Evening Primrose With Vitamin E Rich Moisturising Cream’ is an absolute cracker. This is a really light and fresh moisturiser. This moisturiser is absorbed really and only a modest amount need be applied. Apply after cleansing and toning. I’ve tried it as a base for under my foundation and it’s not bad but I’d say this moisturiser is probably does exactly what it says on the tin only: moisturise. On the Boots website it has been rated 4.7/5 (admittedly only by 3 people), and I’d probably recommend it too. I’ve only been using this for a day or so but my skin hasn’t felt greasy at all, I’m not sure it’ working terribly well with my spots – but then again it doesn’t claim to do anything for acne!  For the price of it too, it’s definitely worth the money, if nothing else it makes a great body moisturiser! Cost £2.85 for 100ml.

3.Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion    Am I the only person who has not fallen in love with this product? I have heard such amazing things about this moisturiser but really did not shine to it at all. I found that this moisturiser didn’t absorb very well and often left my skin feeling a bit slimy with residue. My sister’s love this stuff and with anything else, moisturiser is a personal thing and unfortunately one size does not fit all! When I have bought this product I get the squeezable plastic bottle as it means I can get every last bit of it from the tube (and yes, I’ll cut it open to make sure of that!), so maybe avoid getting the glass bottle with the pump. Cost – £17 for 50ml.

4. L’Occitane Crème Radieuse Hydration Cream – coming soon!


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