Top 10 Beauty Tips

Tonight I have finally managed to muster up the courage to come back to my blog. Apologies for being so quiet over the past few weeks. I could give you lots of reasonably plausible excuses, but in reality I’ve just not felt overly humorous lately.

To ease myself in gently I’ve put on my favourite woolly jumper, tied my hair back and made myself a mug of earl grey. Go easy on me though hey!

So without further ado, here are my top 10 beauty tips:

1) Remove your make-up before bed. I don’t care how tired or drunk you are, quickly whip if off with some face wash and your skin will feel much fresher in the morning.

2) Eat a balanced diet. I’m not going to pretend to be a saint here in this domain. Lately my diet has been awful, and my goodness does my skin tell you as much! As boring as this sounds, ditch the junk and try to get your 5 fruit and veg each day.

3) Stop touching your face. Just stop touching it! That spot is not going to get any better with your grubby mitts poking around it.

4) Don’t take long, hot showers. There’s nothing quite like a hot shower but standing under hot water for 20 minutes at a time is going to dry your skin and hair out. If you really need a hot shower, turn up the heat for the last 2 minutes. Skin friendly, eco friendly AND economically sensible – what’s not to love?

5) Stop using all of your products at once. I’m a sucker for this as I just want to try everything in my beauty box. Chances are though if you’re using lots of new products at once, you’ll never be able to isolate the results from each product. If you throw 5 new products at your face at once, how on earth can you expect to know what is doing what? Slowly introduce new products into a steady, regular skin care regime.


6) Don’t wash your hair every day. If you can help it, avoid washing your hair each day. I’m not going to recite anything about shampoo stripping your natural oils as you’ve all heard it before. If possible, leave it 2-3 days between washes. Your hair will feel less dry and will look shinier.

7) Floss. Beauty encompasses more than just clear skin: if you have decaying food between your teeth, you may as well not bother with the rest of your beauty routine. A quick floss each night to get rid of any debris between teeth is a good way to maintain oral hygiene and to avoid horrific dental bills. Need I get started on the benefits of avoiding an extensive trip to the dentist? No. I didn’t think so.

8) Avoid using strong products. Strong can mean any kind of strong: scents, chemicals, colours – whatever. Unless for whatever reason you love using ingredients like alcohol on your face, avoid them.

9) Oil up. Whether you’re taking your make-up off, having a bath or giving your hair some loving, get the oil out! It almost doesn’t matter which sort of oil you use (though I’d suggest steering clear of vegetable oil…gross). I’m a massive fan of olive, argan and coconut oil. I use them for almost everything. There’s something very satisfying about going back to basics and having a fuss-free routine.  Don’t question it, just try it.

10) Smile. We’ve all seen that theoretically gorgeous girl on the tube. She’s got all the right ingredients: perfect features, flawless skin and not a hair out of place. Almost everything is in place for a tube ride with a total beauty sitting opposite. But that expression? Brrrr girl you’re leaving me cold! With no warmth or kindness being offered, her looks just go to waste. So, whatever you look like – a smile is the key ingredient to a beautiful face.

These are my top 10 beauty tips. What are yours?


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