Pretty In Pink

Boobs. Knockers. Breasts. Moobs. Whatever you want to call them, we all have a pair of the marvellous things. Big, small, pert, saggy, squishy or firm: breast cancer can strike anyone’s breasts, including men’s. Breast cancer affects thousands of people worldwide, and this month is all about showing your support.

This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign are on a mission to raise awareness and funding to help beat breast cancer.

This month there are plenty of things that you can do to raise money for this fantastic cause: donations or raising money through a sponsored event are of course a great option. However, if you are buying a gift this October, why not opt for a present that supports breast cancer awareness? Heck, buy these now and give them as Christmas presents. It’s better than buying yet another pair of socks.

A few ideas…

Bobbi Brown have launched a limited edition set in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.The limited edition set will feature a Peony Pink Illuminating Bronzer and a Mini Face Blender Brush. The set is priced at £35, with £5 from each set going towards the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Available from Bobbi Brown studios and online.

Bobbi Brown set.

Ciate have launched a duo nail polish set to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The set will feature 2 colours that have been exclusively created for the partnership with the charity. The colours are: Pinkaboo, a pink holographic glitter based polish; and Pinkalilly, a pink with golden undertones. The set is priced at £18, with 20% from each set going towards the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Avaiable online.

Ciate polish duo.

I haven’t quite decided what to do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but in the meantime I’m working pink nails each day. I have 11 different shades (I had no idea I had so many pink polishes…!) on rotation, and would encourage anyone to join me in showing some support for the campaign. Today I am wearing China Glaze in shade ‘Wicked Style’.

We all have a mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter, niece or friend that we love: so come on and show your support too!


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