When The Going Gets Tough, Remember This…

With the weather getting colder and noses running, spirits may be a little low so I thought I would share a quote for the coming week. This may stay with you for the week, or even your entire life. It certainly will stay with me for a very long time.

After a tough evening earlier this year I came home, slumped myself into bed and came across this quote while reading an interview with the inspirational Lubna Qassim:

When life gives me one hundred reasons to cry, I show I have one thousand reasons to smile.

Lubna Qassim is a qualified lawyer and recently accepted a post as Executive Director of the Legal and Regulatory Affairs department at the Dubai Economic Council. Not only has Lubna secured herself a role that was in traditionally held by a male until now, but is fluent in 5 languages and is currently learning Mandarin: here is our modern day superwoman.

Lubna Qassim

The moment I read Lubna’s quote I scrawled it down on a piece of paper and stuck it to the corner of my mirror. When the going gets tough, I look to Lubna’s wise words and remember all in my life I can be thankful for.

So next time you’re struggling and things aren’t going to plan, take a step back and take a moment to reflect on Lubna’s encouraging words to pull you through: it might not be the answer to your problem, but it’s a very good place to start.


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