Dior Addict Review…With A Twist

This weekend I was in the Lake District visiting a friend from university. We took a little power-boat onto Lake Windermere and had a jolly old time.

My lovely friend suggested I do an impromptu video for the blog, so I thought ‘what the heck, why not!’.  I only had my phone on me, but here’s what happened…

Dior Addict’s shade 530 (Bobo), is a really fresh summer colour. I may have missed the boat a little (boom boom) with this post as winter is truly on its way, but I couldn’t resist doing this video!

Enjoying some fresh air on Lake Windermere.


Dior Addict under more ‘normal’ circumstances.


2 thoughts on “Dior Addict Review…With A Twist

    • Thanks Ruth. The eye-shadow is from a palate that I got given at some point in 4th year at school…I’m pretty sure it should be thrown, but I like it too much!

      Totally know what you mean about it wearing off – that is my only qualm with this lipstick. Just love the colour so much though…! x

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