The Face Mask of Fire! Embarrassing Video Included.

Tried and tested: Vinies Luminous Face Mask

Clearly not impressed with my roasting hot face!

The video is a little ropey as I don’t yet have a stand and I’m a little shuffly in it.  I also apologise a lot. Ha. Here is my rather hot experience with Vinies Luminating Face Mask…

This mask was ROASTING: my face was hot and bright red after using it. However the mask did redeem itself: here is the result of the mask 40 minutes later, once the redness had subsided…

40 minutes post-face mask. Click to enlarge for a better view of the results.

My skin felt really soft, looked pretty even and had a glow to it. I was pleased with the result. The score for Vinies Luminous Skin Mask: 8/10. Oddly this is one of the best face masks I’ve used: it’s only rival would be L’Occitane’s Brightening Moisture Mask – but Vinnies leaves skin more even in my case.

Would I do it again? I already have!

If you think you can handle the heat and would like a sample, comment below: I have 5 to give away!


7 thoughts on “The Face Mask of Fire! Embarrassing Video Included.

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      • No problem – I’m going to be off that account quite soon so I’ll reply from my personal account later 🙂 I guess so yeah, I’ve used it about 5 times now and although it does go red and warm it’s not as dramatic as the first time I did it – so it could be worth a shot, even just from a curiosity point of view haha. Let me know and I can post you some 🙂 xxx

  2. So funny, I found your blog after trying this face mask for the first time & googling why my face is now so red!! I quite like the tingle though & my skin feels super soft xx

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