BIBO: Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside

Welcome to a new series called BIBO: Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside.

I’m a firm believer that being beautiful – however you view it – starts from the inside. If you eat rubbish and treat your body badly, sooner or later it’ll catch up with you – be it spotty skin, dark circles or cardiovascular disease: the list goes on. This series will put some tips, suggestions and recipes up on how to keep your insides beautiful.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to pretend I’m a saint: I enjoy eating junk as much as the next person….

Today was the day my poor habits were to take their toll: I woke up with a lovely little addition to my lip. This addition was a cold sore. Everyone is different, but if I’m eating the wrong things or not getting enough sleep over a long period of time, my lip will blister. And it’s really attractive. More worrying than the lurking monster, is the fact that I have a clear physical indicator that I’m not treating my body well. Bad, bad Cat. I’ve been eating rubbish for too long, and thoroughly deserved to get a coldsore outbreak.

Bad Cat!

Another shot of my bin at work. Shameful.

To kick-start BIBO, I’m going to give you a recipe for a smoothie. It’s not really a smoothie. Heck, I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s filled with nutritious goodies.  Here is how I will start the apology to my body…


  • 1x lemon
  • 1x small lump of ginger
  • 1x large glass of apple juice
  •  ⅓ cucumber
  • 1x large handful of raw spinach

Some ingredients.

Now firstly let me tell you something, I’m not a big fan of spinach but it’s really good for you and if you tart it up with enough lemon and ginger, it’s actually quite palatable.

I’m not going to provide all of the health benefits for individual ingredients, partly because I don’t want to use ropey, badly referenced information (the pharmacologist in me), but also because you know where you stand on how much you buy into ‘miracle’ foods and whatnot. That’s your call.

A quick note though to say that spinach is a fantastic source of Vitamins A, C, E, K, folate and much more. It would be a very long post if I just talked about spinach. Believe me, I could. But I won’t.


  1. Juice the lemon, finely slice the ginger, dice the cucumber
  2. Put ALL ingredients into the blender
  3. Pour. Drink. Enjoy.

Doesn’t it just look delicious…?

That’s it. Adjust the proportions to however you find it suits you best. It does look like a swamp in a glass, and it does separate, but it does taste ok. It’s no mocha frappuccino, but it’s a quick and efficient way to give your body a natural boost of vitamins without having to take any tablets or eat entire plates of spinach…

On the road to a happy body again!

What are your remedies if you get run down? Comment below!


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