Competition #2

So, Monday is a pretty miserable day I imagine in most countries: dragging our tired bodies out of bed to shuffle our way into work. I know, it’s a pain.

I thought I’d run a competition this week (Monday – Friday Midnight), to cheer things up a little with the opportunity to win a little bag of beauty goodies. All you have to do is answer this question:

What was your biggest beauty blunder? 

You’re probably aware already of a few of mine: the nipple sticker incident; the shiny face fiasco…there are more to come, believe me!

So go on, tell me your biggest beauty blunder to date – I know you have some absolute corkers! Whoever makes me laugh – or cringe – the most, wins!

Oh no you didn’t…!


10 thoughts on “Competition #2

  1. mine is terrible!! I had fake tanned a bit too much, and my legs turned bright orange and i mean BRIGHT hahah. I had PE the next day and forgot to bring trackies so shorts it was, me and my friends were joking around about my legs which i was fine with, however it got much worse when the fire alarm went off and i had to go outside with the WHOLE school and i was getting so many funny looks people were even laughing at my wot-sit legs . Has to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life! hahahaah. Thanks for the competition 🙂 xx

  2. Alright… *cracks knuckles*
    … Um… haha ah who am I kidding, I’m like, perfect. Or have gold fish memory. Probably the latter. Nice competition!

  3. Before my year 10 formal/prom/social (whatever you call it here in Britain) I decided to get a fake tan for the big day. The salon were pretty booked up as clearly I wasn’t the only person who had thought of this great idea so I could only get an appointment the evening before, which the beautician assured me would be fine as long as I showered before hand. Anyway after a long day I strolled in to my 9pm appointment and had my tan and then came straight home, (minimal clothing being worn, as per her instructions) and pottered around for a little bit before getting my beauty sleep. However when I woke up the next morning and realised that I had slept all night with a piece of paper or some sort of wrapper stuck to the back of my leg, the result: a pale as paper wierdly Italy boot tan free shape on the back of my leg. I scrubbed and I scrubbed but only made things worse and spent the whole night trying to stand againt walls so nobody would see it. It was HORR-I-BLE!

  4. Not quiet as scary as your waxing incident, as I was in the comfort, or should I say mess, of my own home. I decided to ‘splash out’ in the pound shop and buy waxing strips to wax my armpits before – actually who am I kidding – no event here – just fancied doing it. I got them home and eagerly opened the packet and started happily waxing away – painfull, but pain is beauty…right? After about half an hour of enthusiastically placing the strips on my oxters and removing them with as much speed as I could, I started to get rather red armpits. As I had never visited a salon to have this done, I was unaware that you don’t keep reapplying the wax and instead opt for the more precise and gentle method of tweezing any pesky remaining hairs so continued to try to remove those rogue hairs with wax strips.
    After I had stopped I was in a little bit of pain so decided to smooth loadsa sudocream onto my pits before bed. Well I woke up and by goodness the bed was covered in sudocream coloured armpit skin. It had all flaked off and continued to do so for three days. Needless to say I didn’t risk deodorising as the thought of that sting…
    So there you have it – I couldn’t show off my nice smooth armpits, as they were disintegrating and had to cover them with sleeved tops, which without deodorising, well let’s just say deodorant DOES keep you dry!

    To conclude “I’m sexy and I know it!”

  5. My mum and I decided to put some lovely highlights in my hair when I was young. We put the cap on and she pulled the bits through and put the stuff on. I went for a bath and kinda forgot time! When we took the cap off my hair was bright orange ! My dad wouldn’t let me go to the party unless I fixed it so I was sent to the hairdressers who ended up having to dye it black. I’ve never wanted highlights again !

  6. Mine was applying bronzer at home thinking i looked ok, was walking down the street & caught my reflection & had a major tango-d face !!!! Ooppsssss


  7. A long time ago when I was living overseas, at the very last minute before going out to meet friends at a summer fair I realised I hadn’t shaved my legs… so I did it dry with a disposable… It didn’t start hurting until a couple hours later, and when we sat down on the floor to eat I discovered I had long, thick red stripes all the way up the back of both calves! I had to walk around like that the rest of the afternoon until it died down, I felt so stupid!

  8. I hope you find my biggest beauty blunder as entertaining as my friends and family found it.. Okay, here it goes. One evening, a few years ago, I was preparing myself to go on a date with this hunky fella I’d met whilst on a shopping trip to tescos, I know the romance was there right from the outset, when we both went to grab the last bag of pinklady apples! Lol I joke it was no where near as close as a hollywood cheesy romance, more of a alright babe what’s your digits?! Anyway, as I was in the middle of beautifying myself there was an almighty powercut and I wasn’t able to see what my face really looked like. Unbeknown to me I had excessively layered on my foundation, unfased by the lack of lighting I quickly jumped in my car and zoomed to the restaurant! As I greated him, his collar and the top of his shirt was left with the residue of my foundation which I was horrified about! Rather than awkwardly appologising I let it be! Big mistake, as we ordered food and interacted with the staff they continued to blantantly stare at my dates shirt as if he was a tranny experimenting with makeup! And as if the evening wasn’t going well enough, my second tradgey of the night was soon approaching. After our second course my phone rang unexpectadly and as I grabbed it out of my bag my sanatry towel followed suit. And as I lifted the phone to my ear I suddenly saw the bright white towel coming towards me. It was dreadful and after the look on my dates face I decided to exist sharply! Lesson learn girls!! I’m scared!

  9. Thanks everyone for your hilarious competition entries! I’m glad to see that it’s not just me who has had a few blunders…! The winner of this competition is Michelle – not only were you trying to get your hair lighter, but it went orange…and to add to that, instead of going lighter you had to have it dyed BLACK!! I know how awful it is when hair colouring goes wrong…and there’s no real quick fix! Thanks for your entries everyone! I’ll be holding another competition or give-away in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned! x

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