Lips With Benefit

After scaring you all with my lovely naked-faced photos, I thought I’d bring you some good news. It’s fine. I would have been scared too…

Well known and loved American brand Benefit are releasing a new line of lip-gloss…and it’s better than it sounds. No, it actually is. It’s genuinely a product release worth knowing about. I can’t believe I’m actually blogging about this – cringe – but I know just how popular the Benefit box of cheek powders are (and with good reason), so I thought I’d share the love.

Dallas, Dandelion, Coralista, Hoola, Sugar Bomb and Bella Bamba are fun little boxes of cheek powder. They hardly need a half-baked introduction from me, and unless you’ve been living under a troll’s nest for the past few years, then you’ll probably already be acquainted on some level with these products. So, Benefit have dutifully listened to the cries of the loyal client, and have brought to the shelves a lip-gloss to match each powder. These retail at £13.50 for 15ml, which is fairly in keeping with their price range. You can decide yourself where you sit with that.

I don’t know about you, but I find it annoying not being able to match my lip-gloss with my blusher. It’ll sound silly but if I’m wearing a blusher with strong blue tones through it, I’ll not really want to pair it with a warm orange lip. Of course it’s all down to preference – use whatever you feel good in. Me? I think this news is swell. I’d be much more inclined to buy a Benefit blusher now that I can get the perfect gloss to match. Good marketing ploy Benefit? Absolutely! When given the option, I choose to match. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of co-ordination. After all, you wouldn’t wear a striped lime green hat in conjunction with a pink polka-dot scarf, would you? You probably would. Crazy.

I’ve not tried any of these glosses yet as I’m still trying to escape from under that troll’s nest. Knowing Benefit and their solid make-up repertoire, I’ll not be disappointed when I do get round to trying one. Benefit make good quality make-up, despite their oh-so-fun-and-I’m-not-serious-makeup-packing. Don’t be fooled. Do not let their bubbly packing and vivacious colours give you the wrong impression: their make-up applies well, and always has a great finish. In a nutshell, it’s worth buying.

Looking forward to trying this!

Here’s a quick summary of the colours: Dandelion → soft pearly pink; Dallas → dusty rose; Sugarbomb → shimmering pinky nude; CORALista → sheer coral; Bella Bamba → sheer bright watermelon; and Hoola → shimmering golden nude. I would try and recommend just one of these, but they all  just depend on your skin tone, and what look you normally go for. I like CORALista for the summer as it goes well with a tan, and will be excited to try the matching lip gloss at some point. If you’re trying to buy a gift and don’t know which one to get, buy Dandelion (for both gloss and cheek powder) as it’s very soft, pretty and can be used on anyone. It really is gift proof!

Thank you Benefit for taking into consideration us people who like to co-ordinate everything. Even our lunchboxes.


2 thoughts on “Lips With Benefit

  1. I don’t actually own one of those Benefit blushes but have been eyeing them for some time now. Alas, I have self control ha ha ha so I’ll wait till these lippies are out before I reconsider. :p

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