I Don’t Love You Coco

Today I’m going to tell you a bit of a secret. I feel like people won’t believe me, or they’ll think I’m crazy. But so be it. I will let me voice drift from the masses, because not many others will. You may decide that you I’m crazy, that I’ve betrayed you, and may even deem it appropriate not to speak to me ever again. So, here goes…

I’m not in love with Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume.

This may come as quite a shock to you, because everyone seems to love Madamoiselle. I’m told it’s a ‘classic’.

Shocked. How ever can this be?!

Last winter I was buying my first expensive perfume, and I didn’t know what to get. The girls at work thought it was obvious what to buy: Coco Mademoiselle. Having no better suggestions I went along with it and committed to my purchase. I thought that perhaps it grows on you, or that I was being completely odd. Madamoiselle has strong notes of jasmine and rose. I’m not a massive fan of either of these, so actually why would Coco Madamoiselle work for me? It does last well, I can’t argue that. But it turns out that sticking a Chanel label on it isn’t enough to make me love it.

Me and my bottle of unloved Coco Madamoiselle.

I’ve almost finished my bottle (well I’m not going to waste it am I?), and I’ve not warmed to it any more than at the start. Madamoiselle is a very recognisable scent, and I guess I prefer a little bit more mystery with my scents.

So there you have it: I’m not in love. How many of the others really are though? It seems to be the ‘done thing’ amongst us ladies, you couldn’t possibly admit that it’s not for you. Don’t be silly. Admit such a sin and you’ll be ousted out of the pack and kept in isolation until you are deemed to have regained your sanity. Such words shall not be spoken.


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