Getting Steamy: An Update

You’ve guessed it: I have rather taken to my steamer. Around 1½ months ago I started a trial of a facial steamer. I was meant to report sooner but clearly I haven’t, apologies. Tonight is the night for my update as I just can’t face trying to make my ‘end of the day’ make-up look good. And frankly I can’t wait to wash my face.

So, first off I’d like to put my hands up and admit that I didn’t do this every day for 30 days: impromptu sleep overs with the girls, after work catch-ups with friends and getting home late have rather got in the way of any form of consistency or routine. I have managed 3 times a week at best. I know – it’s not ideal but at least I’m telling you. After 1½ of using the steamer I would recommend it: but I’m not certain it’s for the traditional reason.

Hello SEXY.

I enjoy the effects that the steamer has on my skin: after 15 minutes with my face in the steam tub, my skin does feel refreshed and smooth. A change of job and temporary terrible diet however are making progress difficult to track.  A few weeks on and my skin hasn’t banished all blemishes to a far away land, and still isn’t completely even – but I’m far from distraught. My little portable, plastic hero is coming up trumps in a different arena.

No make-up, post shower. I hope you appreciate that a beauty blogger photo will probably not come more honest than this!

Steamer, steamer…lovely little plastic, portable steamer: you have benefited me in your own funny little way.  You’ve shown me something that I hadn’t even realised I was missing: my imaginary unicorn. I kid. What I loved about the facial steamer was its ability to make me relax. I’d always imagined that sticking my face in an enclosed bucket of steam would be quite an anxious experience, apparently not. When you’re in your room at night, winding down or getting ready for bed, do  you ever allow yourself to put your favourite music on and actually listen to it? Do you ever just lay down and let your body relax for a little? I’m fairly certain that I won’t be the only one answering ‘no’.

In my room if I’m not asleep or online, I’m pottering around my room – fidgeting, moving things, planning things and so on. The steamer came as a complete shock for me: 15 minutes of lying on my bedroom floor (yes, my bedroom floor!) with my favourite music on, doing absolutely nothing but steam my face was completely novel. I had really underestimated the potential effects of a steamer. Now I’m not saying it’s cured my asthma, or turned me into Aphrodite, but this little machine slows things down whist turning up the heat.

To quickly conclude: even if my skin hasn’t completely cleared – I would recommend it to others. Admittedly, skin does feel soft and refreshed after using the steamer, but an enormous benefit comes in the form of giving 15 minutes of total down-time. For me, the steamer presents a tempting package: 15 minutes of zero activity time to myself. It’s so easy to overlook how valuable it is to relax. I’m talking relaxation beyond yoga or watching TV: I’m talking about doing nothing. Nothing! So, if you ever fancy giving your skin the chance to get that healthy ‘Susan Ma look’, invest £15 in a steamer from Amazon. I certainly am going to continue using mine, and I am going to revel in my 15 minutes of relaxation each and every time. Why don’t you?


4 thoughts on “Getting Steamy: An Update

  1. Good god, lady. Your skin is ridiculously clear. I suffer quite badly with spots and blemishes of late, and they’re impossible to shift. I hadn’t even thought of using a steamer.

    Could I be cheeky and ask which one you bought?


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