Make-up, Make-up: £1.13 A Pop

I’ve seen a series of posts lately on various different blogs on ‘How Much Is Your Face Worth?’. It’s a bit of an odd question, because of course the answer is obvious: priceless! Having read a post on Beauty Blast, I have decided to calculate how much my face is worth, har har. This ‘game’ basically looks at how much all of your make-up paraphernalia costs, including your pre-make-up get-up. This task doesn’t take into consideration that you don’t use a whole bottle of foundation each time you apply your make-up, unless of course that’s your thing.

I’m going to give a breakdown of how much my regular day-to-day make-up costs in total, and roughly how much it works out per application. I’d never really thought about how much it costs each time I put my make-up on. Whilst I appreciate make-up is more of a ‘one off’ purchase every few months, I want to know the daily cost. I budget for my travel pass, my food shopping, and just about everything else in my life – so why not this? Curiosity has killed Cat.

My face. Hurrah…

So…just a normal day, nothing fancy. Lets see how this breaks down cost wise:

  • Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturising Cream, 100ml – £3
  • Laura Mercier Primer, 50ml  – £28
  • Clinique Anti-blemish Foundation, 30ml – £23
  • YSL Touce Eclat, 2.5ml: £25
  • Eyeshadow, unknown brand from gift palette years ago – £0.00
  • Maxfactor Glide and Define Eyeliner, 3ml -£7
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara, 12ml – £21
  • Bourjois Paris Blush Pot, 2.5g – £7.50
  • Dior Addict Lipstick, 3.5g – £24

Total – £138.50.

I’d say in general, most of my make-up items last for around 4 months – give or take a little.  My Dior lipstick has lasted me around 10 months, whilst I’ve not worn it every day, it’s doing a pretty sterling job. The cost per month works out at £34.63, though of course some things will last longer, some things will not. So we’ll say around £34 per month on make-up. Assuming I wear my make-up 30 days of each month my make-up works out to cost £1.13 a pop! £1.13 per application, huh? What the woah, slow down. That’s crazy! I don’t think that I wear excessive amounts of make-up, or use the finest products on the market, yet it’s costing me over £1 per day. I’m quite horrified.

I think realistically mascara is an area that can be reined in severely, I don’t even like Lancome’s Hypnose all that much anyway! This exercise has been really valuable to me. Clearly there are too many variables for these figures and calculations to be that accurate, but even a ballpark figure has opened my eyes. So, next time I think about re-doing my make-up, I’ll try to remember that it’s costing me money each time. Lesson learned: better late than never, right!

Horrified at my make-up bill…whist putting on more make-up. Yup, because that makes sense…

New haircut. Couldn’t resist!


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