Competition #1

On July 17th I set my lovely BeautyJunkMe readers a compeition: the first person to get 5 of their friends (who are not on my friends list) to ‘Like’ the BeautyJunkMe Facebook page will receive a care package.  After a tense day of Facebook activity, my lovely friend Jess from the States won. Congratulations!

Care package.

  • Estee Lauder Re-nutriv Hand creame (duluxe sample) 30ml
  • Pack of bendy hair rollers
  • Clinque liquid facial mild soap (sample) 30ml
  • Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intense Softening lotion (duluxe sample) 30ml
  • VO5 hot oil tube – full size – 5ml
  • Blue Barry M nail polish – 10ml – full size
  • L’Occitane soap – full size – 25g
  • Aussi 3 minute miracle mask – full size – 20ml
  • Shu uermura cleansing oil – sample – 4ml
  • Body Shop fuzzy peach shower gel – full size – 250ml
  • 100 Tesco 100% organic cotton pads
  • Laura mercier fresh fig soufflé body crème – full size – 85g
  • Laura mercier almond coconut milk scrub – full size – 150g
  • Thorntons dark chocolate and chilli chocolate – 50g

The box of goodies for Jess.


After 1 week the package arrived safely with Jess. Here are Jess’s thoughts on the care package:

“I’m the type of girl whose beauty regime consists of face cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. I’m totally hopeless with all things make-up, but I’m making the effort to learn!


  • Barry M Nail Paint in Blueberry I/C: The color is fantastic! It’s a gorgeous summery and fun blue. The nail polish is also a great quality. It goes on very smoothly. I’m a huge fan of Essie polish, but I’m very pleased so far with Barry M too! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it here in the States.
  • Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Soufflé Body Crème: Smells amazing, but doesn’t have an overbearing scent. It’s very creamy and I didn’t have to use a lot of it.
  • Thorntons Chocolate with Chili: nom nom nom!

Most Excited to Try…

  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: I actually own a bottle of this deep conditioner, but I’m excited to see if the one they make across the pond is different from the American version. It probably has fewer carcinogens.
  • Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Scrub: It smells amazing!!! The scrub also has very fine exfoliating beads, which is great because there is nothing worse than a rough scrub that makes you wonder if you might as well use sandpaper.
  • The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel: Smells like a delicious fruit cup!

Totally Confused By:

  • VO5 Hot Oil: No idea how to use this. It’s for hair, right? Help, Cat!
  • Estee Lauder Re-nutriv Intensive Softening Lotion: This has the consistency of hand soap, but it’s a lotion? For body? For hands? To be used with the Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Smoothing Hand Crème?
  • Shu Uermura Skin Purifier Cleansing Beauty Oil: How do I use this? Do you put it on and wash it off or leave it on? After cleansing? In lieu of moisturizer?”

To answer your questions Jess: hot oil is for your hair: place the sealed tube of oil in hot water to heat it through for ~1 minute. Apply to wet, unwashed hair then rinse and wash as normal. The softening lotion is for your face, you can use it as a toner or just instead or serum before bed time. The Shu Uermura Oil is essentially an oil based make-up remover, you just leave it on (though I always like to wash it off as I’m not a fan of an oily face before bed!).

Stay tuned for more competitions!


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