I Have a Confession to Make…

In the naïve and hopeful last days of July I set myself the challenge of not spending a single penny of beauty products. I also told you that if I broke, I would confess. So, it’s now August 21st, and here is my confession.

It turns out I have zero self-restraint when it comes to beauty products, absolutely none whatsoever…

Confession Number 1: the day before my self-imposed spending ban started I figured I may as well just get that Chanel nail polish. I’d been after it for 3 months, and surely now was a better time than any to buy it? Some last minute cramming before the ban. How desperate.

Confession Number 2: 6days into the ban I saw that not only had one of my favourite brands come to Tesco, but it was half price. Yes, half price! I use the brand Amie on a day to day basis as one of my staples, and here it was half price in my local Tesco. Normally I pick it up about an hour from my house, so surely it was sensible to stock up whilst it was half price. I’m not totally convinced that it was terrible to buy these products, but ultimately I had set myself a task not to spend money, and I spent money. In the end I bought a face-wash, a matt-finish moisturiser and a moisturiser containing SPF: a poor performance on my part.

Amour for Amie

Confession Number 3: 11th of August brought yet another slip-up. Wandering round the beauty halls in Selfridges I found myself at the Illamasqua counter buying a lipstick. This wasn’t even a sensible, ‘staple’ lipstick. This was a purple lipstick! I’m not going to pretend I don’t love this lipstick, because I definitely do. Do I feel guilty every time I use it? Yes, I do.

Flamboyant Illamasqua Lipstick

Confession Number 4: August 17th, wandering around a Tesco I thought I was on pretty safe territory. It turns out that neither of my parents packed shampoo or conditioner for my sister’s wedding, so into the hair aisle I ventured. Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. Foundation application sponge? Check. This little chap shouldn’t have made it into my basket at all. Normally I wouldn’t have even batted an eye-lid at this suspicious looking little chap but having read on a blog the day before how it was a product ‘worth the hype’, I decided that £6 was a small price to pay for flawless skin in the wedding photos. I feel pretty naughty for having bought this product, as I could have made do with my hands until I collected my foundation brush from my mate’s house 2 days later. But no no no, my lack of discipline got in the way and I broke my vow for the 4th time in less than 3 weeks. Useless!

Suspicious Looking Sponge

Confession Number 5: The 18th of August brought the day of my sister’s wedding, and since none of the salons had any appointments free for me to have my eyelashes done (something else that I shouldn’t be spending my money on!), I decided to wander into the beauty hall in Debenhams. I’d already half decided to buy this product before I’d even tried it. I’d heard such good feedback about Benefit’s Hello Flawless foundation that I needed very little convincing. After testing this product I bought it, surprise surprise. My skin looked great for the day, but I get an overwhelming sense of guilt each time I see the bottle: this was not part of the agreement!

Hello Flawless!

Now that I’ve confessed how useless I have been this month, I’m feeling suitably embarrassed. One month is not a long time at all, and I ought to have more control. So, I’ve decided to schedule in a blog category called ‘Purchase Confessions’, so that now each and every time I buy a beauty product I will have to confess what I bought. I probably have enough cosmetics to last me until Christmas, so I’m hoping that having to make these embarrassing public confessions will force me into my beauty box rather than allow myself to splurge on unnecessary goodies.

Feel free to scorn me in the comments section below: I well and truly deserve it after my disappointing performance!


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