You Are Right, I Am Ridiculous

Most of my friends who have seen how many skin and hair care products think that I am ridiculous. You are right. For those of you who enjoy deciding exactly moisturiser you’ll use this time, I should have taken heed at your early warnings.

Hidden away in boxes around my room, the evidence of my obsession is minimal. With gentle scatterings of products over my mantelpiece, it was easy to kid myself that my love for skincare was the same as the next person. How wrong I was. 9 months of working for company with a cosmetics discount has clearly taken its toll…

This evening I decided to sort all of my products into appropriate boxes, because I’m cool like that, and with most of my products on my bed I saw the sheer volume of my cosmetics lust. I am clearly more than just a little infatuated. It must be love.

I’d be lying to pretend that I’m not excited about the prospect of working my way through this mound. Frankly I cannot wait. I am however going to set myself a challenge, something that will no doubt have me break a sweat whilst walking through the next beauty hall I enter…

This month I am not allowing myself to spend a penny on skincare, hair care or make-up. Not a single penny! I know what you’re thinking, that won’t be tough at all? Wrong. Despite all of the products I own, my ‘to purchase’ list is still enormous. Ridiculous, I know. So, starting on the 1st of August, I am not able to purchase any more products until the 1st of September. Not even that Chanel nail polish that I’ve been after for ever…

If I break, I’ll post my confession. Should this unfortunate slip-up occur, feel free to scorn me – I deserve it.

Shocked and appalled.


Uh oh.


A close up.






2 thoughts on “You Are Right, I Am Ridiculous

  1. Now 20th of August, how you getting on? Btw, do these products have a ‘best by’ date and if they do, can it be ignored? Often wondered about that. I know old mascaras are a big no-no, and out of date perfume is just BAD, but what about all the others?…………..

    • Hey Lydia,

      So…21st of August: EPIC fail! I’m going to post a confession tomorrow night, so stay tuned to witness my weakness!

      As for best by dates, most products will have a little picture on the back of them (looks like a little tub with a number on it), and says 6M/12M/18M meaning it should be used within 6 months, 12 months, etc! I’d say I usually do finish my products within the best by dates, but if I don’t and it still smells ok then I’ll rock right ahead and use it!

      As for old mascaras…I tend just to use it until I am either bored of it or I’m not getting a very good result. I probably should start sticking to the use by dates with these! Perfume, yeah it’s best to stick within the given time…nobody wants to smell like an off flowerbed after all!

      I actually had a weird exerience with an out of date lipsick the other day – almost threw-up when I put it on…had no idea a lipstick could go putrid! Haha. Again, stay tuned for a post about ‘best by’ dates! It should be up within the next week 🙂

      Cat x

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