Getting Intimate

Genitals. Yes. I said it: genitals. Big, small, bald, hairy, pierced or tattooed, we all have them. Your genitals and intimate areas are of course not on show to the mass public, but they still deserve as much love and looking after as your hair, your skin – and every other part of your body for that matter.

My first encounter with discovering ‘intimate’ washes was as a 13 year old on a ski trip in France. I was sharing my room (and bathroom) with some girls in the year above. This wash may as well have been a naked leprechaun playing the flute with his belly button: it had me stumped. I couldn’t believe that anyone would be quite so open about it. But then again, everything is awkward and a big deal at the tender age of 13.

Clearly this was the thing to be doing, so in with this ritual I joined. Femfresh:  probably the most well known and widely available intimate wash on the market. For years this was my go-to product. However, this March I picked up an intimate wash that was to knock any other brand out of the window: Intimaid.

ESI’s Aloedermal Intimaid is a wash, for both male and female. Intimaid contains aloe vera, camomile, and most noticeably menthol. If you’ve ever used a menthol shower gel I need say no more. For those of you that haven’t, use your imagination. This wash actually feels like it’s doing something, whether is does or not is a personal opinion. The wash smells great, feels great and does what it says on the tin: leaves you feeling fresh.

With areas as precious as our intimate ones, be wary using too much of anything – especially anything strongly perfumed – in these regions. Our intimate areas are unique in how their environments are regulated, so best not to disturb the balance too much. You know your body better than anyone so be sure to listen to it (though reading the instructions is advisable regardless).

The instructions and description that Intimaid outlines have either been translated into English or written by someone with questionable English skills. If you can decipher terms such as ‘assures a correct protection’ and ‘cleanse the interested regions’ – then I’d wholeheartedly recommend this product.

I would 100% recommend this wash if you’re looking for something full of energy and that packs a punch: a guaranteed method of shaking up your sleepy morning shower if nothing else!

Cost – £9 for 250ml, most readily available online.

A bottle of Intimaid.


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