Before you think it: no, I’m not talking about the same flowers as last time!

Here is a quick review of one of my top 5 perfumes. Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. This is a beautiful and light scent for summer. I use the eau de toilette version and it’s lovely and fresh.

The perfume contains reesia, rose centifolia, osmanthus and jasmine sambac, supported by a background of patchouli. Although it is technically a very floral scent, it isn’t too strong at all. It has a light soapy sort of scent and is simply yummy smelling.

Having made all of my friends smell this perfume on me, the most common feedback is that it’s a very ‘pretty’ scent, which I would wholly agree with. One of my friends whilst drunk told me that I smell like Hong Kong when I was wearing this perfume. On probing about this comment he meant that it was very fragrant. I think I’ll listen to my other friends…

My one reservation with this perfume is that because it’s such a delicate scent, it doesn’t last brilliantly well through the day. This perfume can only really be smelled if someone is within reasonably close proximity so it’s certainly not going to have the ‘Lynx’ effect. It’s much more subtle and pretty than some of the more obvious choices of perfumes available. Would definitely recommend this perfume if you’re after something delicious but subtle.

Cost – £55 for 50ml.

A 50ml bottle of Flowerbomb.


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