Take It From A Girl Who Nose.

Blackheads. We all have them. Deny it all you like: they are there. Lurking like little black nose monsters. I’m not going to tart up the facts, I have them too. And once a week, I’ll attempt to lure them from their hideout.

Nose pore strips: a wonderful and quick solution to these miniature face trolls. Most chemists, supermarkets and drug stores stock them. In this instance, I have used Boots own tea tree witch hazel strips (£5 for 6 strips).

The process is very simple and the results are impressive.

When using these strips, make sure you’ve removed all traces of make-up with warm water. It’s advisable to steam your face to open your pores before using the strips. If you don’t have a steamer just wash your face with warm water.  Dampen your nose with some warm water, then pop the strip on. These strips feel great as they harden, rather an odd sensation but somewhat satisfying. Leave the strip on for 10-15 minutes (until it hardens) then clench your teeth, screw up your face and pull it off. These are not dissimilar to plasters – it’s usually best just to do the whole thing at once! The penultimate step, if you can face it, is to examine the evidence on the strip. It’s a bit gross and probably quite unnecessary but quite satisfying. The final step is to splash your face with cold water to close your pores.

It couldn’t be more simple. The results? A nose free of blackheads. Job done.

So, if ever you fancy looking like a mummified goon for 15 minutes to remove the daily grime from your nose: these are the boys for you!



The start of the grand removal.




Almost done…


Examining my handiwork. Gross.


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