Cat, Why’s Your Face So Shiny…?

When someone asks you what the best period of your life has been so far, do you automatically respond ‘When I was a teenager at school’? Of course not. For most of us, being a teenager was an awkward period, filled with angst and uncertainty. Simple issues such as choosing a winter coat become emotionally charged events, all because you just want to fit in.

I was no different.

Each morning before school I’d put my hair up. Put my hair down. Stick some gel in it. Attempt to straighten it. Mammoth efforts were in place each morning in an attempt to fit in to the shark-filled sea that was school. Sadly, I can’t honestly say I looked any better for these efforts, in fact there were numerous times when it all back-fired on me…

It was a regular school day and I was sitting on the bus with my freshly applied make-up. How grown-up and cool was I? I know right. The bus ride was always filled with my siblings squabbling, or avoiding eye contact with the neighbour that I fancied. He was of course, several years my senior. It was a tense experience all round, and success was usually granted in my mind if I’d made it to school without any tears, either induced by my sister or just crying at my own awkward being.

‘Cat, why’s your face so shiny?’.

Uh. Oh.  My sister’s words rung in my ears like needles of ice. Clearly this was not to be my day. Paranoia kicked in immediately. She was older, wiser, sharper. Why was my face shiny? What was wrong with it? Was it really noticeable? What on earth could be making my face so shiny?

After loudly repeating her question several times, ignoring my panicked dumb-founded mutterings, she handed me a mirror. She was right. My face was really shiny. It must be the new foundation that I’d used that morning: today was the first use. Frantically licking my hand and scrubbing at my face, I attempted to remove all traces of the demon foundation. The result? A shiny red face.

That was it. My life was over. I’d been embarrassed in front of my crush and I was going to have to go into school and face with crowds with a big blotchy face. Fantastic. A more thrilled 13 year old you could not have found.

3 years later I discovered why my face was so shiny. The new ‘foundation’ that I’d used was actually a liquid highlighter – designed to illuminate specific areas of your face. NOT to be confused with foundation. The label was clear enough to avoid any confusion, but my inexperience of the make-up department had me stumped.

As you can imagine, the mention of highlighter has brought shudders to my spine for the past 5 years so it took quite the courage to give it a second chance. After all it’s not you, it’s me. I didn’t know how to use it (or read apparently). So, 3 months ago I plunged into the deep end and bought myself Benefit’s ‘Girl Meets Pearl’ highlighter and haven’t looked back since…

Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but this one time when I was younger…

Girl Meets Pearl is a golden-pink coloured liquid pearl for the face. It can be applied over the make-up to areas such as the cheekbone or under the eyebrows to highlight these areas. It can also be used all over the face: on its own or with foundation. What?  This revelation turned highlighters on its head for me. No way was I going to try that…but of course curiosity was going to get the better of me. I mixed a small amount of the liquid pearl to my foundation and applied it all over my face with a brush. Apparently a little knowledge can go a long way…

The results of this product are great. Whether used on its own over make-up or mixed in with foundation, it gives a really soft, dewy glow. No longer lurks the awkward beast of the shiny face. What a relief.

In retrospect, the highlighter used all those years ago would probably have done a sterling job if I’d actually known how to apply it correctly…or not confused it for foundation. 8 years on though and I have re-discovered a more educated love for highlighter and would really recommend Benefit’s ‘Girl Meets Pearl’ if you want a soft glow to your skin. Alternatively go and roll in some glitter.


Application of highlighter to the cheekbone.


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