Aldo Cop-Out?

Rummaging through the ‘Miscellaneous’ bucket at my work’s Beauty Sample Sale, I stumbled across a beautifully packaged hair mask for £3.50. It was cheaper than high street masks and was probably ordinarily out of my price range, so I bought it.

The hair mask was by a brand called Aldo Coppola. I hadn’t heard of it at the time but it turns out that Aldo Coppola is a very swanky brand, with their London salon based in South Kensington (why, of course!). After having a mosey on their website I found their Natura Magica Regenerating Mask. The cost: £66! Blimey, hadn’t I done well to find myself an unopened bottle of this mask. For hair loss or not, I was keen to try it out.

Regenerating Mask.

Before reading the ingredients I was expecting to read that it contained unicorn tears and rainbow dust. I was a little disappointed to read that the key ingredient was cacahuananche. Cacahuananche is a plant (formal name Gliricidia Sepium) often used in Mexican shampoos to prevent hair loss. However, in many tropical and sub-tropical countries livestock are washed in a paste made from this plant to repel insects. This came as little surprise to me as this mask has a scent very similar to that of high street insect repellents – not ideal for a whopper expensive hair product in my view.

Me with my beautifully packaged Aldo Coppola mask…

Excited to try this out I shampooed my hair as normal, towel dried my hair, slathered on the mask and waited patiently for the recommended 10 minutes. I had visions of what my hair might be like after this mask: thick glossy Kim Kardashian locks with an impenetrable shine. After 10 minutes the mask was rinsed out and here came the moment of truth: the blow dry.

Wow. What a disappointment. After finishing drying my hair it looked healthy and had an average shine, so nothing out of the ordinary. My hair was far from keeping up with Kim Kardashian that’s for sure. Had my expectations been too high? For £66 a bottle, surely the results wielded ought to be more than just a happy shine? I’ll admit that I do not suffer from hair loss (yet!), so maybe this wasn’t a fair trial of the product.

Since my initial use of the mask, I’ve used it a few times and have had the same results each time. I’m glad I’ve had a chance to use an expensive mask, albeit for a problem that I don’t have, as it reassures me that expensive products aren’t necessarily always better than high street. I’ll be sticking with argan oil for the foreseeable future and will not be recommending Aldo Coppola any time soon!

…but not wildly impressed.


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