Getting Steamy For The Entire Month

My hair is tied back, there’s condensation dripping from my nose, the heat is on. Yes, I have bought myself a facial steamer. £15 from Amazon, it’s a small commitment for the possibility of better skin.

Facial steamers are meant to be great to clear the pores and with skincare professionals such as Susan Ma (yes, the one from the apprentice) swearing by it, I’ve decided to trial it for 30 days.

The routine is simple: tie hair back; put face in steamer for 15 minutes; splash with cold water afterwards. Repeat each night for 30 days.

Today my 30 day trial has begun. The picture below is taken without a drop of make-up on so a ‘before and after’ comparison can be made to see if my skin looks any different. It’s a charming picture I know.

I’ll update you on the results in 30 days – fingers crossed I’ll return as a glowing goddess instead of enduring a 30 day break-out. Stay tuned!

Pre 30 day steam trial.


3 thoughts on “Getting Steamy For The Entire Month

  1. Right. That is it. You are too ridiculously cute and just ruddy wonderful. I miss you!!!! We need to see each other don’t we!? Xxxx

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