I Can See Your Flowers, If You Know What I Mean…

Feeling slightly fragile the evening after the work ball, sitting round a rowdy table in Kensington for a staff meal I receive a string of ‘You’ve been tagged’ messages from Facebook. Great – the pictures from the ball are up, I’ll have a look at them when I get home.

Within 5 minutes of the pictures being posted to my page, I receive a message from both my brother and sister. What ever could be the matter?

‘Hi Cat, I just thought I’d let you know that there have been some pictures posted on your Facebook from the ball…H mentioned there are a few pictures where the lighting doesn’t quite work with your dress. If you’re comfortable with the pictures then that’s fine, I just thought I’d let you know that they are there. Have a great night, W x’

Hmmmmm. Doesn’t sound too great. I’ll check facebook.

Oh look, a message from my sister. Best read that first…

‘Hey Cat! I’ve just seen the pictures from the ball, you look stunning – love the dress! I can see your flowers though, if you know what I mean ; ) Anyway, just thought I’d let you know – maybe we can just photoshop them and re-post the pictures. Hope you’re having a lovely night xxx’

Oh. I knew exactly what she meant when she could see my ‘flowers’: my flower shaped nipple stickers. Emilio Pucci – I’m never going to return to you and your awkward underwear dresses again. How mortifying! That means my brother, his wife, my sister and at least a good handful of friends have seen my rather public boob blunder. Excellent. After frantic texts to the girl who posted them, the offending photos were promptly removed.

Embarrassing much?

This is a word of warning about nipples stickers: they are great permitting your clothes fabric is heavy or light in colour. Apparently nude coloured nipple stickers and black dresses are NOT the match made in heaven. So, next time you’re looking at a pretty dress wondering how you’ll get around the fact that you won’t be able to wear a bra with it, carefully consider how the fabric will work with (and effectively cover!) your stickers. I’d advise you try the item with a scrap of paper or a regular plaster under it to see how much it covers. Maybe even get a good friend to take a few snaps with a strong flash…just don’t let them look at the resulting photos.

So, half of my colleagues may have seen my nipple stickers and a series of otherwise lovely photos have been ruined: please let my embarrassing incident be an example of warning about nipple stickers as a solution to an awkward clothing garment. Don’t risk it, seriously consider wearing a different item!

My and my nemesis.


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