Losing My Designer Shoe Virginity

A shiver up my spine, skin tingling as I press ‘Enter’ – this could only mean one thing for a shoe lover like me: I had just bought my first pair of designer shoes. I hadn’t planned it, and it hadn’t happened as romantically as I’d hoped: there was no dimmed lighting, and forget any foreplay. This was impulse at it’s best.
Sauntering through the shoe section at Harrods, I was indulging myself in some light-hearted shoe dreaming. I had absolutely no intention of buying anything. Electric blue Kurt Geigers; cork wedges by Carvella; cosy Ugg slippers; the list goes on – there was an affordable shoe there for everyone.
Moving away from my realms of comfort I made my way into the more high-end section: Burberry, YSL, Roger Vivier, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen and more. I was in shoe heaven.  Skimming the sale rail in hope that I might find something affordable, one pair jumped out at me. Tall, slim, black and sexy – these were the shoes that were about to change footwear as I knew it. 5 inches of sleek black heel, adorned with a quiet Burberry plaque on the back coupled with an inch of inbuilt platform, all wrapped up in structured black matt leather. Knowing me they’d be too wide. The moment my toes slipped into these beauties, I knew these were the boys for the job. With the perfect fit, the shoes cradled and supported my feet like they were two new born babies. I just had to buy them.  Not once have I looked back!
One month on and the shooting pain in feet have stopped. All angry redness has well and truly subsided. My feet are visibly returning to a more normal shape: all this from one pair of shoes? This is magic beyond even the most skilled chiropodist.


Now that my feet have been taken care of, I’ve turned my attention to the shoe. For the first time ever, pride is being taken in looking after my shoes. It’d be rude not to given how well they are taking care of my feet. Polishing and cleaning tend rarely to be a priority with less expensive shoes, forget re-soling and re-heeling! I was no exception. So often the shoes we wear are cheap enough to replace instead of care for. What are we thinking? How many of us throw away our shoes because we didn’t get them re-heeled in time or because they are scuffed beyond repair? All too many of us!  Eco-chic is this decade’s hottest fashion. Save money, help save the planet: what’s not to love?
Money and resources can only be saved if you find the right fit: not all designer equals comfort. The two are unfortunately not mutually exclusive. £400 does NOT mean you will enter foot heaven. Like Cinderella, if you try on enough pairs you’ll find your prince charming.  The trick is to find a pair that really fit your foot shape. I was extremely lucky to find mine by accident, but having worn these shoes for over a month now I can tell you whole-heartedly that these shoes have changed my life. The days of gingerly hobbling around with feet covered in plasters are well and truly over.
So ladies and gents for the sake of your bank, your feet and our planet, invest in something well made that fits you properly. As Gloria Steinem once asked, ‘If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?’ the answer is simple: don’t buy the shoe!

Burberry shoes.


One thought on “Losing My Designer Shoe Virginity

  1. i love you Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reading your posts… and have to constantly remind myself that I met you in Africa!!!! xxxxxxx You have transformed!!!

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